The 2014 Accreditation Canada survey team are shown with Park Place owner Al Jina (left)
and Park Place Accreditation Coordinator Louise Johnson (second from left). In May 2014, twelve
Park Place care homes successfully completed the Accreditation Canada care and operational audit.

ACCREDITATION: An assurance of quality care


Accreditation Canada was established in 1958 as an independent, non-profit, voluntary accrediting body for the health care industry. Accreditation Canada is used by health care organizations across Canada and internationally as an independent measure of their quality of care. When granted, the Accreditation Canada logo identifies health care organizations which have met national standards and utilize best practices in health care.

Accreditation must be repeated every three years. To earn accreditation, a health care organization must pass a rigorious and detailed in-person examination by an external, independent survey team of industry professionals. For example, the 2011 Accreditation review of Park Place was conducted by six Accreditation Canada surveyors, all of whom were professionals with decades of experience in seniors’ residential care. In addition to visiting individual care homes, they interviewed head office staff and reviewed extensive documentation on the company’s procedures and policies.

A similar process was followed in May 2014, with visits to individual homes, reviews of company policy and procedure documents, and interviews with head office staff.


Since 2005, all complex care homes owned and operated by Park Place Seniors Living have completed the accreditation process, with new homes participating in the next round of accreditation after they join the company. Accreditation is only available for homes which include nursing care. In B.C., that means homes licensed for residential complex care. In Alberta, that includes homes licensed for residential continuing care.


Residences which offer assisted living or supported living or independent living do not qualify for an Accreditation Canada review. However, Park Place is supporting the B.C. Seniors Living Association Seal of Approval program in B.C. and development of a similar independent rating program for Alberta. Two Park Place residences, Greystone Manor and Courtyard Terrace, have earned their BCSLA Seal of Approval.


In 2008, Park Place Seniors Living completed Accreditation Canada’s comprehensive Qmentum review at all 8 complex care facilities in B.C. In the 2008 review:

  • Park Place Seniors Living was cited for four innovative, industry-leading practices.
  • Park Place Seniors Living exceeded national standards in almost every criteria, often by a significant margin.

   The following four leading practices were cited by the survey team. These programs continue to be utilized in Park Place Care Homes, depending on the needs of residents.

  • Music Listening Station: A music program to calm residents – especially those suffering agitation due to cognitive impairment – uses affordable MP3 players to provide individual listening stations.
  • Care Home as Community Hub: Residents remain integrated with the wider community in a home which serves as a community hub, welcoming events and hosting children’s classes.
  • Little Dreams – Big Differences: Residents/Families are encouraged to identify desired items for their homes and care givers, family members and volunteers help make it happen.
  • Ethics Integration: Company wide, Park Place integrates ethics into the work environment, helping everyone make choices which best benefit residents. The ethics program includes an ethics framework, a manual for staff, a 7-step decision making model, and policies which support ethical choices.

Ten of Park Place’s 11 complex care homes participated in the 2011 Accreditation Canada survey from May 29 to June 3. (Our 11th care home, Newport Harbour in Calgary, was accredited in 2010.) In addition to earning Accreditation at all sites, Park Place's Resident's Day care program was recognized as a leading practice. Resident's Day is central to all Park Place care homes: it is a program that gives residents choices in how they want to live in the home. For more about Resident's Day, please click here.


The 2011 Accreditation Canada survey team are shown with Park Place owner Al Jina (front, left)
and Park Place Accreditation Coordinator Louise Johnson (front right). In May 2014, twelve
Park Place care homes successfully completed the Accreditation Canada care and operational audit.


“Park Place Seniors Living is fortunate to have owners and a senior management team who are committed to the creation of a truly resident-centred culture.”

“We were amazed as a team. People were very receptive to anything that would improve service.”

“The owner’s commitment to quality permeates the entire organization.”

"Process for developing policy is top-notch”

 “There is a very caring culture, a sense of inclusiveness and a respect for diversity.”

“There is a very strong ethics framework. Staff know what ethics issues are.”

“There is a clear commitment to quality…risk-attuned at every level.”

“Fabulous job in quality – staff know PDSA and FMEA at the ground level.”

“We see the culture of the Resident’s Day throughout the organization.”


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