For seniors who qualify, government-subsidized Assisted Living/Supportive Living and Complex Care/Continuing Care may be available. In order to qualify for government subsidized services, a senior must have a health condition that requires residential care and:

  • be a Canadian citizen or have permanent resident status or been issued temporary resident permit;
  • in B.C., be a resident for 3 months; or
  • in Alberta, have an Alberta Health Card or be eligible for Alberta health coverage.

Subsidized suites and rooms are assigned by the appropriate health services. Residences receiving government subsidies are also required to meet provincial licensing standards and are regularly inspected. Staffing levels - particularly in complex/continuing care are regulated.

In order to qualify for a subsidized space, seniors must complete an assessment and are then placed on a waiting list for space.

Space is assigned so although a senior may indicate a preference, the initial placement will be based on first-available-space. This means that the incoming resident does not get to choose the care home or room: both are assigned by the health authority depending on available space. Due to the long waiting list, turn-around is quick: often the senior must move in within 48 hours.

Seniors may later transfer to their care home of choice if an opening subsequently becomes available in that care home.

Moving into private pay suites and rooms is at the choice of the senior and/or family, who determine the schedule of the move. No assessment is required and there is often no waiting list. Seniors can also choose their residence and often have a choice from available suites.

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